Attract and engage your audience with Short Format Films

Short form videos are necessary because digital natives' attention spans are shortening and their watching habits are changing. We can assist you in creating snackable video content that will capture your audience's interest. These engaging clips are portable and encourage viewers to share and promote them to their friends.

Short form videos, especially on mobile, are great for significant interaction as your company strives to capture people on social media platforms. We create material that condenses all of the action and the "wow" moment into a shorter amount of time, making the video more enjoyable to watch and less likely to be skipped.

Why use Short Form Videos?

The number of people watching short films has more than doubled across all age categories.

Take control of the social media conversation and persuade younger viewers to participate.

Short entertaining content is more shareable

Designed in quiet mode to work with social media networks' muted auto-play native video functionality.

Short-form content commercials, such as pre-roll ads, produce superior brand results — Site traffic is driven by brand awareness and actionable interaction.

Why choose R-Square-Media to create Short-form videos?

Our goal is to create stories that help you emotionally connect with your audience.

"Soulful Content, Meaningful Strategy, Powerful Execution" is our brand.

We're ready to work together for a long time.